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Indulgent Husband and Sweet Wife Author:Murong Xiaodai 慕容小呆

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  • Genre: Romantic Romantic
  • Cast: Murong Xiaodai 慕容小呆
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  • Update time: 2020-02-13 01:40:12
Indulgent Husband and Sweet Wife

Synopsis: Betrothed when still in womb by parents, Ai Changhuan is forced to marry a man of 37! Naturally, she wants to run away. However, right before her escape, she finds that this guy is probably gay who sh

Chapter 29: An Unspeakable Secre 2020-02-13 01:40:12
  • 《Indulgent Husband and Sweet Wife》Latest chapter(Update time:2020-02-13 01:40:12)