How to Assume Good Faith

Most of the time, the people you will come across do not want to cause any conflict, but sometimes, a person may unintentionally stir up a problem. Wh

How to Attend Church Online

In the current COVID-19 climate, it can be really difficult to feel like you’re part of a church community, especially since most everything is online

How to Contact God

Building a personal relationship with God can seem impossible, especially in your early days as a follower. After all, if you can't see or hear Him, h

How to Raise Your Standards

Imagine yourself living your best life. Does that seem totally out of reach? If so, it’s possible that you’ve been setting low standards for your life

How to Respect the Power of Gradual

There are no quick fixes. Making change in your life takes time. When you work at something day in and day out, you achieve huge positive change in yo

How to Not Be a Cartesian Dualist

Do you believe that the mind and the body are different from each other? Do you hold that it is the mind that thinks and the body that interacts in th

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