How to Identify a Platypus

Platypuses, sometimes called Duckbill, are fascinating creatures that resemble a multi-animal hybrid. They have very unique features and are known as

How to Get over a Horse

Template:Date=2016 04 25Have you ever experienced riding and bonding with an amazing show horse? The love the feel of cantering on their back brings y

How to Keep Dogs off Your Lawn

Few things are quite as frustrating as catching a stray dog doing his business on the lawn you just painstakingly. If you have pets of your own, havin

How to Prepare Insects for Pinning

Pinning insects is a great way to display and study their unique and interesting characteristics. But before you pin your specimens, it’s important th

How to Deter Coyotes

Coyotes are one of the top ten most fearsome predators in North America[1] X Research source . These animals aren’t usually a threat to humans, but ca

How to Reduce Rat Odor

You might be surprised to see how often rats clean themselves. Since they're such great groomers, rats aren't usually smelly, which makes them great p

How to Overcome the Death of a Fish

Have you come home and found your favorite fish dead in its tank? Did one of your fish die recently and you can’t stop thinking about it? Getting over

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