How to Reduce Rat Odor

You might be surprised to see how often rats clean themselves. Since they're such great groomers, rats aren't usually smelly, which makes them great p

How to Overcome the Death of a Fish

Have you come home and found your favorite fish dead in its tank? Did one of your fish die recently and you can’t stop thinking about it? Getting over

How to Cover a Dog's Mouth

Covering your dog’s mouth to quell aggressive behavior is a great practice when you’re training your dog. There are a few different muzzle types you c

How to Clean a Horse Shoe

If you come across an old horseshoe at an antique store or in a field somewhere, chances are it’s going to look a little rusty and worn. Thankfully, a

How to Grow Black Soldier Flies

Black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) are unique bugs that can be a big help on any farm. They love decaying things, so don’t throw your compost awa

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