How to Hide Regrowth

New hair colors are great while they last, but it’s definitely frustrating when your roots start to peek out after a few weeks. There’s no need to wor

How to Apply Clay on Hair

Applying clay to your hair might sound kind of strange, but you can purchase it as a styling tool or a hydrating mask. If you have short-medium length

How to Repair Perm Damaged Hair

Your hair can withstand a lot, but perming can be tough on it. To perm, the hairstylist applies a chemical perm lotion and shapes your hair with perm

How to Style Thin Flat Hair

Flat, thin hair can be a double-edged sword—while it’s pretty low-maintenance, it can look limp after awhile. There’s no need to fear! If you’re looki

How to Tie Tinsel

If you're looking to add a little sparkle to your hairstyle, tie tinsel in your hair. Simply take a strand of tinsel and tie it onto a few hairs near

How to Fix a Splotchy Bleach Job

If your hair doesn’t look quite like you imagined after your recent bleach job, don’t freak out just yet! There are quite a few ways you can try to ta

How to Treat Porous Hair

Hair porosity is a fancy term for your hair’s ability to hold in moisture. Porous hair, sometimes referred to as high-porosity hair, tends to dry out

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