How to Style a Grey Cardigan

Gray cardigans are the perfect staple piece for any wardrobe. With so many styling options, it can be hard to choose what outfit to wear! By picking o

How to Dress in Egypt As a Woman

Whether you’re going for the ancient history, the modern cities, or the mesmerizing beaches, Egypt is a country you don’t want to miss out on. Since E

How to Hide Regrowth

New hair colors are great while they last, but it’s definitely frustrating when your roots start to peek out after a few weeks. There’s no need to wor

How to Design for Color Blindness

People with color blindness have a hard time differentiating between certain colors (and some can’t see color at all).[1] X Trustworthy Source America

How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall

As fall arrives, you will need to switch out your summer clothes for warmer items. However, there's no need to pack up your entire summer wardrobe. By

How to Buy a Summer Wardrobe

When the weather is getting warmer and you know what that means girls, you need a new wardrobe change. Don't sweat over it though, you can easily look

How to Win a Child Glitz Pageant

Glitz pageants typically take more preparation than natural pageants. There are more “extras” to consider, such as big hairstyles, makeup and fancy ou

How to Apply Clay on Hair

Applying clay to your hair might sound kind of strange, but you can purchase it as a styling tool or a hydrating mask. If you have short-medium length

How to Organize a Winter Clothing Swap

Transitioning wardrobes between seasons can be a hassle for a multitude of reasons. Not only do you have to make closet space or trade out your season

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