How to Make a Swing

Swings are a simple, fun way for children to play outdoors. While expensive, store-bought plastic and metal swing sets have become popular, anyone wit

How to Drill a Well

A well is a man-made hole dug into the ground to get to a liquid. The most commonly sought liquid is water: About 97 percent of the world's fresh wate

How to Extend a Candle Wick

We've all been there—you go to light your favorite candle, only to find that the wick is covered in wax. But don't throw out that candle just yet! If

How to Tie Springs in a Chair

Springs are the forgotten heroes of our favorite armchairs that help make our seats comfortable. In order to function properly, these springs needed t

How to Decorate Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon shelves add a cool, modern twist to any space, but how should you decorate them? First, decide how you want to display the shelves—a single he

How to Remove a Ferrule From a Pipe

If you’re replacing a drain valve on a sink or toilet, you might come across a metal compression ring, or ferrule, that’s stuck on your pipe. Ferrules

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