How to Make a Wooden Bucket

Nothing adds a little rustic touch to a room like a homemade wooden bucket with the classic copper fittings. Crafting an original bucket out of wood i

How to Fractal Burn Wood

Have you ever seen a wooden table or craft with a cool lightning design burned into it? The wood wasn’t actually hit by lightning; instead, it was bur

How to Cut a Sliding Dovetail

A sliding dovetail is a type of woodworking joint consisting of two separate pieces cut in such a way that they can be slotted together without the ne

How to Cover Pocket Holes

Pocket holes are a nice way to join pieces of wood with hidden screws that are sunken into the wood, rather than exposed on the surface. After you dri

How to Adjust Planer Tables

Explore this Article Prepping the Planer Aligning the Tables with the Planer Adjusting the Table Height Things You'll Need Tips and Warnings

How to Select a Lathe

Explore this Article Steps Related Articles References The first thing a woodturner needs is a lathe. It's actually the world's oldest 'po

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