How to Find Photography Spots

Finding a spot to take great photos isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are a ton of useful tools you can use to help you scout and choose loca

How to Dry Resin Art

Resin is a fun and versatile medium you can use to create all kinds of art, from jewelry to sculpture to unique pieces of furniture. Depending on the

How to Tie a Rope on a Pole

When you want to tie a rope to a pole, the best way to do so is by using a type of hitch knot. For a quick temporary knot, use a clove hitch. If you w

How to Dispose of Paint in the UK

You've finished your project and now you've got cans of leftover paint. Liquid paint is considered hazardous waste and is dangerous for the environmen

How to Keep PETG from Warping

PETG, also known as PET-G, is a super cool, specialized plastic that’s used to make models with a 3D printer. Its thermodynamic nature allows you to p

How to Take BUJO Pictures

A bullet journal, or BUJO, is a great way to track goals, organize events, and make schedules. If you spend a lot of time designing the pages of your

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