How to Take Photos of Food

Have you ever created a culinary masterpiece and wanted to take a picture of it to post someplace like Instagram? Great food photos aren't a matter of

How to Photograph Underwater

To take photographs underwater, you can use a basic point-and-shoot camera, a GoPro, or, if you have more photography experience, a professional DSLR

How to Survive an Airsoft War

Airsoft is an activity in which participants eliminate their competitors using tools like guns,etc.You love the thrill of having an Airsoft war, but l

How to Clear a Room in Airsoft

Have you ever played air soft and walked in a room and got shot? Well now you will now how to enter a room S.W.A.T. Style with minimum casualties and

How to Win an Airsoft War

Are you fed up with losing constantly every time you play Airsoft? This can be very frustrating, but your journey is finally over! Here are some tips

How to Take out an Airsoft Sniper

Have you ever been in the middle of an Airsoft game and all the sudden you get hit out of nowhere? You look around and see no one. You are confused on

How to Train As an Airsoft Sniper

This is a quick guide as to how to improve your long range shooting for airsoft combat. Method 1 of 2: Precision 1 Set up a target. T

How to Choose a Paintball Gun

Paintball is a popular game with lots of variety in terms of how it can be played. As versatile as the game itself is, the array of guns available is

How to Make a Paintball Gun

Paintballs guns create endless hours of fun! Try making your own to recreate the paintball experience at home. This gun is quick and easy to make, and

How to Paint Pillars

Pillars are beautiful fixtures in your home, but they may seem a bit intimidating to paint. There’s no need to worry! The project is a little time-con

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