How to Play Snuggle Bug

This article shows you how to play Snuggle Bug. Steps 1 Get together with a fairly large group of friends or at least 5 people. Get a mix

How to Draw the Canadian Flag

The Maple Leaf Flag has been an iconic symbol of the great nation of Canada for years. It was adopted as the official flag on February 15, 1965, two y

How to Cut Circles with a Dremel

For those of us who don’t have a giant workspace filled with fancy jigsaws, table saws, and plunge routers, cutting clean circles can be kind of a pai

How to Find Photography Spots

Finding a spot to take great photos isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are a ton of useful tools you can use to help you scout and choose loca

How to Dry Resin Art

Resin is a fun and versatile medium you can use to create all kinds of art, from jewelry to sculpture to unique pieces of furniture. Depending on the

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