How to Upgrade 4G63T

So you want more power out of your 4G63t? Make sure you learn a few things before making some common "noob" mistakes. Steps 1 The first t

How to Backflip a BMX

Everyone whose ever rode a BMX bike has wanted to do a backflip, it impresses kids, it looks dangerous, and it's the coolest a grown man can look on a

How to Protect an Antique Car

Antique cars need regular maintenance, proper storage, and conscientious drivers. You should wash and wax the car each month to protect its exterior.

How to Sell a Classic Car

Classic cars come in many shapes and sizes. From sportier models like ’59 Cadillac Convertible to the plusher, more creature comfortable Humber, your

How to Sell a Muscle Car

When you've finished restoring a car, or you've found an amazing deal on all the necessary parts for a collectible, it's time to figure out how to sel

How to Buy a Classic Car

Buying a classic car is not so different from purchasing a typical car. It requires a good amount of research and inspection to make sure you are gett

How to Refill a Car Battery

The water in lead-acid car batteries evaporates over time, which can lead to reduced battery power and a shorter lifespan for your car’s battery. Chec

How to Start and Stop a Manual Car

Starting or stopping the engine of a manual car is a little tricky for first time manual drivers as it is not as simple as an automatic car. The path

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