How to Make a Neliel Mask

Neliel is a character from Bleach. While you can always buy her mask from an online cosplay store, the quality may not always be up to your standards.

How to Do the Spongebob (Dance)

The Spongebob dance was created in Baltimore, Maryland, and is commonly danced in clubs to songs such as "Coffee Pot (It's Time for the Percolator),"

How to Make Your Own Cosplay

Do you want to cosplay an existing character, or show off your design for a character you already created? This article will help you figure out where

How to Cosplay Cheaply

If you've recently gone to a comic or pop culture convention, you've noticed that more and more people dress up in costumes and participate in cosplay

How to Walk Like a Zombie

Explore this Article Moving Like a Zombie Using Your Face to Play the Part Adopting the Zombie Mindset Questions & Answers Tips and Warn

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